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Ancient Beliefs and Modern Superstitions
Martin Lings

The Eleventh Hour
Martin Lings

Collected Poems
Martin Lings

Letters of a Sufi Master
Shaikh al-Arabi al Darqawi



The Wings of Love

Shems Friedlander



The Hidden Treasure

by Shems Friedlander

Classification: Rumi, poetry
Size: 216 x 126 mm
Pages: 84
Binding: paper
Illustrations: 12 duotones, and calligraphy
Publication date: Sep 2001


Rumi, one of the greatest mystics of Islam, is known both for his poetry (he is apparently today’s bestselling poet in the USA, inspiring Madonna, Deepak Chopra, and Coleman Barks among others) and for having founded the Mevlevi order, sometimes known as the ‘whirling dervishes’ famous for their ecstatic dancing and music (sema). This book allows fresh insights into the world of Rumi which has lasted over seven hundred years and brings it up to the present with numerous illustrations of the sema today. As well as explaining the significance of the music, the clothing and the ritual that takes place within the Hall of Celestial Sounds, it also presents for the first time a description of the ‘secret’ sema.  




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