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Orientations: Islamic Thought in a World Civilisation
James W Morris
Rumi and the Whirling Dervishes
Shems Friedlander

Ancient Beliefs and Modern Superstitions
Martin Lings

The Eleventh Hour
The Spiritual Crisis of the Modern World
in the Light of Tradition & Prophecy

Martin Lings

Collected Poems
Revised and Augmented
Martin Lings 

The Hidden Treasure
Shems Friedlander

The Secret of Shakespeare
His Greatest Plays seen in the Light of Sacred Art

by Martin Lings
The Tree of Being: Ode to the Perfect Man
by Ibn Arabi
Interpereted by Shaykh Tosun Bayrak
Mecca, from before Genesis until Now
by Martin Lings

Letters of a Sufi Master
The Shaikh al-Arabi al Darqawi
Translated by Titus Burckhart




Rumi, The Wings of Love
Produced and Directed by Shems Friedlander


'Classics of Sufi poetry'

The Collected Lyrics of Hafiz of Shiraz
Translated by Peter Avery

Garden of Mystery: The Gulshan-i raz of Mahmud Shabistari
Translated by Robert Abdul Hayy Darr
Thirty Poems of Hafiz of Shiraz
Translated by Peter Avery & John Heath-Stubbs
Commander of the Faithful
John W. Kiser
bad beginning small A Bad Beginning and the Path to Islam
Gai Eaton




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