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Rumi, The Wings of Love
Shems Friedlander


Mawlana Rumi Review
Editor: Leonard Lewisohn



volume: 5
Size: 9 x 6 in
Pages: 252
Binding: paper
ISSN: 2042-3357
ISBN: 978-1-901383-47-8
UK Subscription price: £15.00 + £3.00 P+P
Publication date: JUNE 2014

The Mawlana Rumi Review is a new review devoted to the life, thought, poetry and legacy of Rumi, Islam’s greatest Sufi poet and author. Mawlana (‘Our master’) Jalal al-Din Rumi (d.1273) has been the best-selling poet in English in the United States for the last two decades. A publication of the Rumi Institute, Near East University, Cyprus and the Rumi Studies Group at the Centre for Persian and Iranian Studies, Institute of Arab & Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, in association with Archetype, the Review publishes articles, reports and book reviews on Rumi’s art of story-telling, poetic imagery, theology, spiritual psychology, ecumenism, spirituality, pedagogy, hermeneutics, ethics, epistemology, prophetology, metaphysics and cosmology, as well as on the heritage of Rumi’s thought in modern and medieval literary history and interpretation and commentary on his works such as the Mathnawī and Dīvān-i Shams-i Tabriz.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed vol. 2 of the Rumi Review, it’s very rarely that I take an academic journal to devour on the train, but I couldn’t put this one down!

- Christopher Shackle (Professor of Modern Languages of South Asia in the University of London, 1985-2008)

I did indeed have a chance to enjoy the second issue of the Rumi Review awhile back, and loved its balance. Afarin! … The translations were lovely, as one would expect given the translators. I am much looking forward to the next issue.

– Erik S. Ohlander, Associate Professor of Religious Studies, Indiana University


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